Bedroom (addition) with a loft

This West side 12×15 addition has a vaulted ceiling and loft. The ceiling is cedar tongue and groove panels.


Room Addition Interior


Breaking ground, getting ready to build forms for foundation.


Forms for foundation.

Forms for Foundation

The engineer decided we needed a slab foundation

Slab Foundation

0Before walls

Walls ready to be lifted up


Ta da!


Beam delivery for beautiful vaulted ceiling.

Beam delivery web

Everything for this addition had to go through this narrow path on the side of the house.


A view of the loft and walls just before the beams were put into place.

loft frame web

Sheeting the exterior

Sheeting web

A lopsided view of the beams from the inside.

Roof beams web

Under the siding is house wrap.


The view of the Cascade Range from the roof is lovely.

Sheeting roof web

Insulation for the roof getting ready to be delivered.

insulation 1 web

Drywall (before texture, of course)


This is the ceiling- cedar paneling.

Little windows above loft

Here is the finished exterior view.


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