Tiny Shed Conversion

This tiny house began as an old shed in the backyard behind the garden. It was spacious….. for a shed.  The musty storage space was piled with garden tools and boxes- it even contained some building materials that eventually would end up integrated into the new tiny house. This shed would become a cozy quest house complete with a full bath tub and kitchen sink.Shed_exterior_the_before_photo

First step was looking over the space to see what kind of shape it was in. It was cleared out and the plywood floor was lifted to investigate under the building. The focus was for the most optimal design of the space along with staying within a very minimal budget.

The original shed was rough and unfinished inside.


Then we tore off half of the roof so we could add height for the loft/ bedroom space. Insulation was installed under the floor.


And the old windows were ripped out.



Siding on tiny addition

In designing the use of space in a teeny tiny home, one must be incredibly mindful. Every square inch matters. With a limited/ very frugal budget there was definitely trade offs that had to be made. This included rather than installing a skylight, we added a small window to bring in additional light in the bedroom/ loft area.


Framing for loft/ bedroom


Bathtub (and little window)


Stairs with storage at bottom


Tiny bathroom under stairs


Tiny shed conversion

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